Zell or Zilch: Testing Healthy Snacks


by Kathryn Searles

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Kristine Zell tests out some health-conscious snacks for the foodies out there in Zell or Zilch. Derek helps out with the taste-testing.

Wonderfully Raw's Snip Chips and Brussel Bytes are all organic and less than 160-calories per bag.

A new line of organic non-GMO popcorn, Kettlepop, comes in a few different flavors and is a good substitute to that movie-style buttery popcorn.

Plus - chocolate that helps you lose weight!

And something salty to go with the sweets - Nuts.com is an online store selling high-quality healthy snacks. Nuts.com has a variety of non-nut products too, like gummy bears and lemon drops.

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