Zell or Zilch With Inspiration!


by Jennifer Miller

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- We're focusing on the positives in this week's Zell or Zilch with some inspiration!    

First up is Wordologies! Take a sip of mindfulness while drinking your coffee with wordologies' coffee mugs. This line's mission is to remind people to be aware of your well-being. The mugs cost $24 and the journal trio is $18. You can purchase the products at wordologies.com.   

Next is Smudge Ink Stationary and Gifts. The stationery company designs and manufactures in the U.S. on recycled paper. They have everything from cards to wedding invites, gift wrap and stationary sets. They cost $4 per card and $7 for wrapping paper. The items can be purchased at smudgeink.com.

Reader, tablet and ipad cases from eccolo. The graphic e-cases are great for protecting electronics and are made from high end faux leather. They also feature some fun phrases! They start at $16 and are available online at amazon.com or eccololtd.com.    

See what gets the Zell and what gets the Zilch!

If there is a product you would like Kristine to try out, leave a suggestion on our Rising Facebook page or you can tweet Kristine at kris_zell. 


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