Zell or Zilch: Airport Traveling Accessories for a Comfy Trip


by Kathryn Searles

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Kristine's testing items that claim they'll make your airport traveling experience more comfortable!

Rejuva-Health's compression socks can help stock swelling and discomfort. Kristine likes the firm fit and says they feel like they have more support. The socks are FDA-registered. It gets a Zell!

The Comfy Commuter neck pillow has a pocket for your phone. The American-made product was made by a mother-daughter team. The neck pillow, also, gets a Zell!

The blanket, also from the site Comfy Commuter, is made of a comfortable material. Jacinda seems to like it! The blanket rolls up and can fit in your average purse - Zell for this one!

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