Zell or Zilch

Zell or Zilch -- Bathroom Products To Boost Your Morning Routine

It's Zell or Zilch time! Kristine tests out bathroom products that may boost your morning routine. Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Testing Healthy Snacks

Kristine Zell tests out some health-conscious snacks for the foodies out there in Zell or Zilch. From veggie chips to chocolate-covered treats, Kristine lets you know if you'll have to risk great flavor for clean eating. Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Beating Summer Boredom with Family Game Night

Don't let your kids complain that they're bored this summer! Kristine is checking out some great games for a family game night in Zell or Zilch. Read More »

Tattoo Your Kid For Safety!

Tattoo your kid for safety! That's the latest way parents are keeping track of their little ones. Read More »

A Special Fourth of July Zell or Zilch

Kristine tries out three food items in today's "Zell or Zilch" Read More »

Zell or Zilch For New Or Expectant Moms

Today's Zell or Zilch is for all new or expectant moms. Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Products for Fun in the Sun

Summer is here! Kristine Zell is testing out some summer fun products so you don't have to. Read More »

Zell or Zilch For The Fitness Fanatics

Today's Zell or Zilch is for the fitness freaks! The Keep Pounding 5k is Saturday, June 7, in Charlotte. Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Puppy Products

How much are you willing to spend on products for your pup? Kristine is testing out two items for pet-lovers who also love convenience! Read More »

Zell or Zilch Memorial Day Edition

Memorial Day weekend is almost here and Kristine is testing out some gadgets for your backyard bbq. Read More »

Zell or Zilch Tests Gluten Free Products

Kristine is testing out gluten free products in today's Zell or Zilch Read More »

Zell or Zilch Mother's Day Products

 CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- In today's Zell or Zilch, Kristine tests 3 different products for Mother's Day. The first is a A.B. Home Luxury Set that includes a lotion, handcream, body wash and lipbalm.... Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Healthy Drinks for Kids

Kristine is keeping the kids hydrated by testing out some healthy drinks for kids. Photographer Mike Thomas and Rising News Anchor Terrance Bates had their kids try it out. Are they tough critics? Read More »

Zell Or Zilch: Earth Day Products

Earth day's tomorrow and we're celebrating with eco-friendly products in Zell Or Zilch. Read More »

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