Zell or Zilch

Zell Or Zilch -- Innovative And Eco-Friendly Products To Keep Food Fresh!

In today's Zell or Zilch, Kristine is testing innovative and eco friendly products to keep your food lasting longer! Read More »

Zell Or Zilch: Going Green

Zell or Zilch goes green to help out American artists. Read More »

Zell Or Zilch Vacay Products: The Travel John Disposal Urinal

Labor Day is just around the corner. It's our last chance to slip away this summer on a nice long, holiday weekend so Kristine is testing out products for your trip. Read More »

Zell Or Zilch -- As Seen On TV Products!

Make a wholesome meals in minutes! This week's Zell or Zilch is testing "as seen on TV" kitchen products. Read More »

Zell Or Zilch -- Back To School Items!

It's almost time to hit the books! Kristine has some last minute back to school items in Zell or Zilch! Read More »

Zell or Zilch With Inspiration!

We're focusing on the positives in this week's Zell or Zilch with some inspiration! Read More »

Zell or Zilch -- Back To School Styles For The Mini Fashionistas!

Today's Zell or Zilch is for the mini fashonistas! Kristine is checking out back to school styles. Read More »

Zell or Zilch -- Bathroom Products To Boost Your Morning Routine

It's Zell or Zilch time! Kristine tests out bathroom products that may boost your morning routine. Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Testing Healthy Snacks

Kristine Zell tests out some health-conscious snacks for the foodies out there in Zell or Zilch. From veggie chips to chocolate-covered treats, Kristine lets you know if you'll have to risk great flavor for clean eating. Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Beating Summer Boredom with Family Game Night

Don't let your kids complain that they're bored this summer! Kristine is checking out some great games for a family game night in Zell or Zilch. Read More »

Tattoo Your Kid For Safety!

Tattoo your kid for safety! That's the latest way parents are keeping track of their little ones. Read More »

A Special Fourth of July Zell or Zilch

Kristine tries out three food items in today's "Zell or Zilch" Read More »

Zell or Zilch For New Or Expectant Moms

Today's Zell or Zilch is for all new or expectant moms. Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Products for Fun in the Sun

Summer is here! Kristine Zell is testing out some summer fun products so you don't have to. Read More »