Zell or Zilch

Zell Or Zilch-- Primal Pit Paste

Zell Or Zilch is protecting your arm pits with environmentally friendly deodorant! Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Pink Products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Can you believe it's October? That means it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Kristine Zell is testing out the pink products to help contribute to the cause. She says beware of just how much these companies say they donate to the research. Read More »

Zell Or Zilch -- Keeping You Organized!

September is national couponing month! This week's Zell or Zilch is testing out products to keep all your clippings organized. Read More »

Zell Or Zilch -- Products For New Mommies!

September is the most popular month to have a baby in the US according to birth data by the CDC. Today's Zell or Zilch is for new mommies and we have new mommy Brittany Dixon joins us. Read More »

Zell Or Zilch -- Innovative And Eco-Friendly Products To Keep Food Fresh!

In today's Zell or Zilch, Kristine is testing innovative and eco friendly products to keep your food lasting longer! Read More »

Zell Or Zilch: Going Green

Zell or Zilch goes green to help out American artists. Read More »

Zell Or Zilch Vacay Products: The Travel John Disposal Urinal

Labor Day is just around the corner. It's our last chance to slip away this summer on a nice long, holiday weekend so Kristine is testing out products for your trip. Read More »

Zell Or Zilch -- As Seen On TV Products!

Make a wholesome meals in minutes! This week's Zell or Zilch is testing "as seen on TV" kitchen products. Read More »

Zell Or Zilch -- Back To School Items!

It's almost time to hit the books! Kristine has some last minute back to school items in Zell or Zilch! Read More »

Zell or Zilch With Inspiration!

We're focusing on the positives in this week's Zell or Zilch with some inspiration! Read More »

Zell or Zilch -- Back To School Styles For The Mini Fashionistas!

Today's Zell or Zilch is for the mini fashonistas! Kristine is checking out back to school styles. Read More »

Zell or Zilch -- Bathroom Products To Boost Your Morning Routine

It's Zell or Zilch time! Kristine tests out bathroom products that may boost your morning routine. Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Testing Healthy Snacks

Kristine Zell tests out some health-conscious snacks for the foodies out there in Zell or Zilch. From veggie chips to chocolate-covered treats, Kristine lets you know if you'll have to risk great flavor for clean eating. Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Beating Summer Boredom with Family Game Night

Don't let your kids complain that they're bored this summer! Kristine is checking out some great games for a family game night in Zell or Zilch. Read More »

Tattoo Your Kid For Safety!

Tattoo your kid for safety! That's the latest way parents are keeping track of their little ones. Read More »