Riverdale Rewind

Riverdale Rewind: CH 26 The Tell-Tale Heart

Just Jess and Nomi rate the biggest What The POPS!? moments from the latest killer episode of Riverdale plus the strongest fan theories of the week. Riverdale Rewind is all new with a *SPOILERS* breakdown of Chapter 26, "The Tell-Tale Heart."

Riverdale Rewind Chapter 25: The Wicked And The Divine

Nomi has a great new theory on the Black Hood! And... where's Cheryl? We're breaking down all the mobster madness and the bittersweet symphony that is Riverdale CH 25 "The Wicked and the Divine" on an all new #Riverdale Rewind Podcast!

Riverdale Rewind Chapter 24: The Wrestler

Good news, if you want to see the show live come out this Saturday to Mini Con! Just Jess and Nomi will be doing another fan filled episode with your theories, questions and more! If you come out, make sure to dress up as your favorite Riverdale character and we might show your photo on the podcast! This episode, they break down what happened and what to expect next week. Plus, some details about a musical?

Riverdale Rewind: Fandemonium

Riverdale fans - we want to hear from you! Send us your artwork, memes, questions and theories and we'll feature them on the next Riverdale Rewind podcast. Plus - we're working on finding a map of Riverdale to see how the land of drama, mysteries and Chock'lit shoppes is laid out.

Riverdale Rewind Chapter 22: Silent Night Deadly Night

  https://www.facebook.com/wccbcharlotte/videos/10155801858881113/ Happy Thursday! Yesterday was the mid-season finale of Riverdale, which means a new episode of Riverdale Rewind is out today! Just Jess and Nomi Burton go through all the spoilers, theories, character recaps and more from last…

Riverdale Rewind Chapter 21: House of the Devil

Last night's episode of Riverdale was probably the most intense episode out of both seasons. Watch and listen to the Riverdale Rewind for theories, spoilers, and what Just Jess and Nomi Burton think will happen next and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

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