Kids Work Just as Hard as the Pros Playing Traveling Baseball


by Terrance Bates
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Baseball puts a smile on any kid's face.  But the ball kids today are playing is well beyond what most parents remember.  Instead of recreational baseball, travel ball is where the money and the kids are.  In the first part of this story, Terrance Bates tell us that these kids work just as hard as the pros.

John Lonergan says that he and his family spend about 2 weekends a month on the road following 13 year old Alex from tournament to tournament.  They play from February until about late October or November. 

Not only do the kids play hard, but they train hard at specialized training facilities like HQ4 Baseball.  Coaches will tell you that for a lot of these kids, playing travel ball is a must if they want to make their middle school team, much less their high school team.  It's a lot of pressure on any kid.

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