Bobcats Bringing Back the Buzz


by Audrina Bigos

CHARLOTTE, NC- The buzz is back! Bobcats Owner Michael Jordan says it's time for Charlotte fans to get excited about basketball again by re-branding the Bobcats.

The team has started the process to change the Bobcats to the Hornets. Jordan says the Hornets name won't make the team play better, but he says it's a step in the right direction.

"The Hornets were the closest thing to a winning team we had before they left," said Nathanial Walker, a North Charlotte resident.

"Me and my friends used to sit around and say 'you know what, it would be cool if they brought back the Hornets name," said Trey McPhaul, a South Charlotte resident.

The fans spoke - and the bobcats listened.

"Let's bring the buzz back and be very enthusiastic and get our energy back on the basketball court and make the city proud once again about the hornets," said Jordan.

Jordan announced Tuesday that the team has submitted paperwork to the NBA to change its name to the "Hornets" for the 2014-15 season.

Jordan says the estimated $4 million dollar switch could take 12-18 months, but the wait is worth it.

"Surreal. It was just one of the happiest days I can every remember experiencing. It was so cool!" said Tricia Kent, a North Charlotte resident.

A social media swarm started by these three guys, three year ago, helped bring the buzz back to town.

"We realized, we weren't three crazy people. There were thousands and thousands of people, tens of thousands of people that feel the same way we did," said Scotty Kent, co-founder of Bring Back The Buzz.

With the name change underway, there's hope for a revived basketball team that finished 21-61 last season.

"Changing the name is not guaranteeing that we're going to be a playoff contending team. We still have a lot of work to do to build that," said Jordan.

The NBA will vote on the name change in July. Until then, Jordan says details like the team colors will not be decided.

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