Charlotte gearing up for fast track to FBS status


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — The landscape of Charlotte 49ers athletics is changing quickly.

You need only look out from the campus' pristine 46,150-foot field house that overlooks the soon-to-be completed 15,300-seat football stadium to notice the dramatic difference.

Football has arrived in Charlotte, forever changing the dynamic of this university's growing sports program.

Coach Brad Lambert conducted the school's first practice, running about 85 players through practice. While the first game isn't until Aug. 31, 2013, students can be seen on campus with shirts and hats supporting their new football team.

Athletic director Judy Rose says the changes are "exciting, but a little scary too."

You can't blame her.

The 49ers are switching conferences next year and have been fast-tracked to move from an FCS independent next year to an FBS team in 2015.

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