Biershenk brother seeking shot at pro golf


COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Robbie Biershenk has a goal to join older brother Tommy on PGA Tour. He hopes appearing on a reality TV show moves him closer to his dream.

Biershenk and former PGA Tour pro Chris Anderson are subjects of, "Chasing The Dream," a show on The Golf Channel that tracks their progress as they try and get into competitive golf.

Biershenk says he had as much talent as his brother, but didn't pay attention to his grades in high school and was not a college prospect like Tommy, who got a scholarship to Clemson. Five years ago, Robbie Biershenk took over a driving range in Greenville and seemingly shelved the idea of playing professionally. But a stint on the network's "Big Break" competition got him thinking he wasn't done with golf.

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