Man on the Edge - When Was Your First?


by WCCB News Edge

Before we even begin this discussion, the Edge has to issue this disclaimer: Underage drinking is illegal.  It's not cool, it's not funny, and no one under the age of 21 should do it.  Period.

And yet... you know you did it.  Underage drinking is one of the most common illegal acts out there.  And while doing it may seem dumb, new evidence suggests exactly the opposite.  Lo and behold a new study from Finland that suggests smarter kids are more likely to have a drink earlier in life than the dumb kids their age.  And what's more, they wind up being able to handle alcohol better later in life.  The researchers say higher intelligence may be a kind of "protective barrier" against addiction.

At the same time, another new study says the people who do the most drinking are rednecks.  And that doesn't necessarily mean "smart".  According to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, high schoolers who drink the most are male, white, rural, use other drugs, smoke cigarettes, miss school more than other kids, and have parents without much education.

So, does drinking early equal "smart", and drinking a lot in high school equal "redneck"?  Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, hit the streets to ask: How old were you when you had your first drink?

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