Cam Newton Preparing To Launch Fashion Line


by Casie Kolbinsky

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Cam Newton is spending his off season preparing for his men's fashion line.

Known for his good looks and fashion sense, the Carolina Panthers' quarterback, 23, has a new label, MADE Cam Newton, that consists of more than 60 products, including suits, ties, khakis and T-shirts. This is the first time Belk, a 125-year-old company, is partnering up with a professional athlete for an apparel line, executives say. 

 While Newton does not actually sketch the brand's styles, he does provide input on components such as pattern designs and color palettes. Reports say his line will have plenty of bright color, as well.

Sources say Newton grows excited when discussing the line. 

"You would be surprised by the things I've said yes and no to," he reportedly said. "Anytime your name is on something or you are affiliated with something, you want it to come out with a bang and say, 'This is my clothing line. This is how it looks, and I feel great in it.'"

Despite the fact Belk is primarily a southern brand, reports say the entire fashion world is watching and waiting for Newton's brand.

"He's part of this great, continual movement worldwide of athletes embracing style, and people are watching," Esquire Senior Associate Market Editor Nic Screws reportedly said. He added that Newton's collection is "a great first effort for someone without a fashion pedigree."

Workers at Belk say the line is affordable, with prices ranging from $28 for a T-shirt to close to $500 for a suit.

Tiger Woods' Platinum golfwear and Michael Jordan's sneaker collections show athletes' connections to fashion brands are nothing new. However, Belk workers say Newton's brand stands out from many others because Newton has control over each and every product that bears his name.

During his off season, Newton not only works on his undergraduate degree at Auburn University, but he also regularly meets with Belt's design team. Sometimes, he walks into the design studio to consult, reports say.

After winning the Heisman Trophy and being named Rookie of the Year and NFL's No. 1 draft pick, Newman has been known for his sense of fashion. Oftentimes, he arrives to news conferences and team events wearing smart, tailored styles, sources say.

GQ featured Newton in its September cover story, "Newton's Laws of Style." Newton also appeared in an Esquire magazine blog last month to talk about his upcoming fashion line.



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