Learn what auto repairs you need based on what you smell!

auto repairsNeeding auto repairs in Charlotte is typically a stressful situation for car owners. Unless you’re versed in auto mechanics, you’re usually going in blind and are unsure of what the problem is (and how much it’s going to cost you). We’re here to help! Did you know you can actually narrow down what Charlotte auto repairs you’re going to need based on what you smell? Toyota of N Charlotte’s Service Center is here to help… not only do we offer affordable auto repairs, we also have top tips from our Toyota techs! 

What auto repairs does your ride need to start smelling clean again? 

You may not be able to pinpoint exactly what the problem is with your car based on smells, but you can usually narrow the field so you have a better idea of what to expect when you schedule auto repairs in Charlotte (as well as a ballpark of what it might cost you). Here are some common smells and the repairs you may need to remedy them! 

1) Gasoline: If you smell gasoline inside the cabin of your ride, you definitely have a problem on board and need to bring your car to our Charlotte Toyota Service Center for auto repairs ASAP. This smell typically means there’s a gas leak somewhere in the fuel system, which can be extremely dangerous for you and your passengers. Don’t delay bringing your ride in to get checked out! 

2) Burnt carpet: It’s an odd smell, but usually easy to identify – and if you smell burnt carpet inside your car, you most likely need Charlotte auto repairs for your brakes! This smell usually correlates with worn brakes, and brakes are an extremely large part of your drive time safety. Call our Toyota Service Center to schedule brake service as soon as you can!

Learn when to schedule Charlotte Toyota service – just follow your nose! 

3) Syrupy or sweet odor: If you smell something sickeningly sweet inside the cabin of your vehicle, you probably need to schedule Charlotte auto repairs for your radiator. This smell comes from leaking, burning coolant, which means you have a leak in your coolant system somewhere. This can be bad news for your car (i.e., overheating) so don’t leave it be – schedule Toyota service to have it checked out. 

4) Rotten eggs or sulfur: Smell stinky rotten eggs or a sulfurous smell inside your ride? This means you’re in need of immediate Charlotte auto repairs. Your catalytic converter is probably about to give out, and when that malfunctions you’re in for some serious repair costs… including a replacement engine, worst case scenario. 

5) Burnt rubber: If it smells like someone’s burning rubber inside your cabin, it may mean you have a loose or broken belt or hose that’s rubbing where it shouldn’t, or touching something hot. This can lead to melting and bigtime problems, so have our Toyota service techs check it out! 

Smell something odd? Want it checked out? Schedule auto repairs in Charlotte today – call us at (888) 378-1214!

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