Butler Student Accused Of Shooting And Killing Teen At School Indicted On 2nd Degree Murder Charge

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Jatwan Cuffie, the teen accused of shooting and killing another teen at Butler High School, has been indicted on a second-degree murder charge.

Cuffie was first charged with first-degree murder but the District Attorney’s Office presented the Grand Jury with an indictment for the charge of second-degree murder.

Today, the Grand Jury returned a true bill for that charge.  The indictment transfers the case from District Court to Superior Court.

Radio Traffic From Shooting

Matthews Police has released radio traffic from the deadly October 29th shooting at Butler High School that left one student dead.

Original Story (October 31, 2018)

MATTHEWS, N.C. – Thursday morning, students return to Butler High School for the first time since Monday’s deadly shooting. New court documents are revealing details about what led one student to shoot and kill another.

16-year-old suspect Jatwan Cuffie told Matthews Police it all stemmed from a disagreement over who won a fight.

Cuffie remains locked up, charged with first degree murder. He’s accused of killing his classmate Bobby McKeithen in a hallway at Butler High School.

Cuffie told police the fight happened in a Harris Teeter parking lot at Margaret Wallace and Idlewild Road on Friday.

Cuffie says he and a friend were fighting three other guys.

McKeithen, the teen killed in Monday shooting was there, but wasn’t involved.

Then, over the weekend, a dispute arose over who won the fight.

Jatwan suggested calling Bobby, “…because he saw everything…”

Bobby, the report says, indicated he thought Jatwan lost.

When the teen disputed this, he told police Bobby replied, “…who is going to check me about it.”

Jatwan said that he was.

Later, Jatwan’s friends texted him that those involved in the fight were, “…going to get him at school,” Monday.

That morning he says he went into the woods to “…get his gun for protection,” telling police he was, “…praying that they wouldn’t mess with him.”

Jatwan told police when he arrived at the school, he saw Bobby, who approached and, “punched him in the left side of his face.’

He says he put his arm up for protection then, “shot Bobby one time.”

McKeithen, 16, died at the hospital.