Mom Wants Justice for Son Killed by Hit and Run Driver on I-77

CORNELIUS, N.C. – A Cornelius mom is devastated after her son died after being struck by a hit and run driver. Troopers are still looking for the car that only paused briefly before taking off.

“Zach was, I mean he just was an amazing person. He had the sweetest, kindest soul,” says Cindi Hanrahan.

Heartbroken, she wants to know who took her son’s life and then sped away.

“It’s hard to think that somebody would just, you know, leave the scene without doing anything,” she says.

The Highway Patrol says 29-year-old Zachary Turner died after being struck by a car around 6:00 on Saturday morning.

It happened on I-77 South near Mile Marker 31, just before the Langtree Road exit in Mooresville.

Investigators are looking for a white 2006 to 2009 Volkswagon Golf hatchback. It could have damage to the front, right side, or undercarriage.

What’s still a mystery – is what Turner was doing on the road.

The Highway Patrol says he abandoned his car near exit 35 and was either carrying or riding a skateboard in the shoulder.

“We don’t know the details yet, if he ran out of gas, or if maybe his car something happened, he broke down,” Hanrahan says.

She says Zach lost his phone on Friday. Now the family is hoping the person who hit him is found.

“He’s a son, he’s an uncle, he’s a brother. And it’s, we’d like to, you know, get justice for what happened,” Hanrahan says.

Zach’s family says he had a calming presence. He taught yoga and worked at a local restaurant.

Anyone with information about the Volkswagon Golf is asked to call Highway Patrol.