Davidson Professor, US Marine Among Ten Men Arrested For Child Predator Charges In York County

YORK COUNTY, SC –  “Let this be a warning to anyone out there thinking they are hiding from the law as they preying on the innocent,” said Kevin Tolson, the York County Sheriff.

He had strong, direct words following the arrests of 10 men accused of being child predators.

“We are watching and we will find you,” said Tolson.

He continued, “taking these types of people off the streets is one of the most important tasks that law enforcement performs in our community.”

Anywhere from 25 to 40 officers were on various social media sites posing as minors when they say they were contacted by the suspects.

The men are charged with crimes ranging from soliciting prostitution from a minor, sending nude photos to someone they believed to be a minor, and arranging to meet a child for sex.

Five of the suspects were arrested in York County after they traveled to an undisclosed house, expecting to meet a minor.

The men charged in the sting operation include a 23-year-old U.S. Marine based in Quantico, Virginia. A suit salesman from Huntersville. And a visiting assistant professor at Davidson College.

According to Arrest Warrants, Michael Bovino tried to pay someone he believed was under 18 years old for sex.

A spokesperson for Davidson says they’re cooperating with police and that Bovino “was placed on leave and barred from campus immediately following the arrest.”

Sheriff Tolson says they’ve identified seven child victims so far. He expects to make even more arrests in the coming days as Operation Vigilant Shepard continues.