WCCB News Department College Student Internship

WCCB-TV News Department Internship Additional Specifications, Requirements and Application

Students must currently be enrolled in a college or university working to receive a graduate or undergraduate degree in Mass Communications/TV with a commitment toward areas of writing, reporting, photojournalism, editing or producing a nightly newscast or morning news show.

Students must submit the following to the WCCB Charlotte News Department

• Letter of introduction
• A completed resume
• WCCB-TV Intern Application Form
• A letter from the college/university stating that you will be receiving credit for the internship.

All of the above information should be emailed or mailed to:
Deborah Barnes
News Director Assistant
1 Television Place
Charlotte, N.C. 28205
email: dbarnes@wccbcharlotte.com


Application Deadlines

The deadlines listed below are the last possible date an application will be accepted, a student may request information on internships at any time for any future semester.

Application deadlines are:
Fall Semester:  No later than July 1st
Winter/Spring Semester:  No later than November 1st
Summer Semester:  No later than March 1st

Your application will be reviewed once all of the paperwork is completed and returned.  At that time if we find that you would be a good intern candidate, we will e-mail and set up a time that you can come to the station for an interview and tour.  ONLY STUDENTS UNDER FINAL CONSIDERATION WILL BE CONTACTED DIRECTLY FOR INTERVIEWS.

WCCB-TV News Department Internship Description/Assignments

All students should be able to intern at least 3 days per week.  An internship with WCCB-TV News Department is broken down into two schedules only.   Internships should include, but are not limited to, the following areas of participation:

Morning Internship Schedule for “Rising”:
This schedule will have a 3:30am start time.  Rising goes live from 5am until 9am.  Participation will include both pre and post show staff meetings, interning with producers, editors, photographers and on air talent to learn the process of creating, writing, producing and airing a morning entertainment show.

Afternoon Internship Schedule for “WCCB News @ Ten”/”Edge”:
When interning on an afternoon schedule, the student will have a start time of 2:00pm each day. During the internship the student will learn the process of researching and choosing stories, as well as writing, shooting and editing news packages for producing and airing a newscast.  The student will intern with assignment desk editors, producers, reporters, photojournalists and editors.

Download and complete the Application Form for the News Department Internship.  Return it to the address listed above with your letter of introduction, resume and the letter from your college stating you will be obtaining the internship for college credit.  All information must be submitted together.


Open the application, complete, print and sign.  Your information will not be saved.