NC State Treasurer Dale Folwell Diagnosed With COVID-19

RALEIGH, N.C. — The North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell has been diagnosed with COVID-19 after a trip with his son.

Folwell returned early from the trip to Raleigh on March 16 to address the downturn in the financial market and its impact on the state pension plan’s $100 billion investments.

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According to a news release, upon returning to work he experienced what he believed was a seasonal reaction to pollen which made, what he calls a ‘perennial cough’, to be more prominent.

“Obviously, I was aware of the COVID-19 pandemic so I monitored my temperature and saw no increase through the weekend even as my cough seemed to worsen,” Folwell said.

After consulting with a physician, 61-year-old Folwell was tested on Monday, March 23, and was informed Tuesday night of a positive result.

He is now in quarantine and following the advice of a physician.

In addition, the staff at the Department of State Treasurer has been notified and, starting today, only those absolutely necessary for continuing business services will be in our building.

Folwell made the following statement about COVID-19:

My thoughts and prayers are with not only those who are sick, but those who are impacted by the vast financial fallout of this pandemic. We will continue to work diligently to make sure retiree checks still go out on time, the State Health Plan provides comprehensive health care coverage, and state banking operations continue uninterrupted.

Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for the employees at the Treasurer’s Department who have come to the office to work as well as those who have kept up with their duties from home. I am truly humbled to have the honor to work with them and hope that this crisis passes as quickly as possible.