Top 5 List Of Socially-Distanced Approved Activities In The Charlotte Area

Being safe and healthy during the pandemic just got more enjoyable with this list of top five social-distancing activities that can be enjoyed in Charlotte and surrounding areas

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Like a thief in the night, COVID-19 crept into our lives and shook us awake, taking away our normal day-to-day, but leaving us alert to the germs that are constantly around us.

With this wake up call it has been really hard – tough even to have lively moments especially with family and friends.

What used to be a busy city filled with laughter has now been tamed with social distance and masks as residents follow guidelines to help keep the community safe from viral spread.

BUT behind those masks – we should still be smiling and enjoying life. So let’s spend our days having fun doing some (or all) of these social-distance approved activities to get you some fresh air, a change of scenery or just to try something new and exciting.

Top Five Social-Distanced Activities In The Charlotte Area

5. Habitual Yoga at Freedom Park on Saturdays

Looking for some fresh air? A stress reducer? Maybe just a weekend fix? Well a yoga class might be just the tranquil trick to replenish your life.

Habitual Roots provides the public with what they explain as not being your ‘typical’ yoga class.

On the Habitual YOGA -Freedom PARK event page the following statement is made:

The intention of this class is to create a space where we can come together as a community to move our bodies, expand our minds, explore our breath, and re-connect to ourselves and those around us. We focus on integrating our yoga practice off the mat into our daily lives.

The hour long class welcomes all – from beginner to expert. The class is first-come, first-serve to create space between individuals as a precaution when keeping everyone socially distant. Habitual Roots says they offer mat spray, hand sanitizer and NO hands on assists.

The yoga class is FREE, with the opportunity to donate to Habitual Roots Nonprofit. Click here for more on Habitual Roots and Habitual Yoga as well as see all upcoming events.

4. Apple Picking in Mooresville

I know this year has been going by sloooooooowly so you might be surprised when I say apple picking season is upon us! Apple Picking Season lasts the majority of September at Carrigan Farms in Mooresville and this treat is something everyone can enjoy.

The farm also provides ‘pick-your-own’ crops for strawberry, asparagus and pumpkins when they are in season. (And speaking of pumpkin season, it is right around the corner, in October, and this location would be a perfect pick for your Halloween and fall essentials.)

While you are at Carrigan Farms there will also be fields of sunflowers that are just calling your name for a photoshoot. And you should ~ ANSWER THE CALL. The location offers private sessions with a photographer as well as DIY shoots.

Come have a photo shoot in the sunflower field! Do it yourself or schedule with one of our photographers – reservations are required, click the link in our bio to make a reservation! @ Carrigan Farms

Posted by Carrigan Farms on Monday, July 27, 2020

Click here for more on Carrigan Farms and their pick-your-own crops.

3. Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

I am not sure if you have heard BUT, if not, let me break the news and tell you that Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont is back open with new protocols to keep everyone safe.

The location is the home of 110 acres which includes a children’s garden, a conservatory dedicated to the display of tropical plants and orchids, a Dry Piedmont Prairie, annual and perennial displays, sparkling fountains, walking trails and that is just the tip of the iceberg… lettuce (laughter is welcomed.)

The Garden will be open to the public Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Advance tickets are required and can be…

Posted by Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Garden has taking multiple measures to ensure a feeling of safety while visiting. Some of the safety protocols include a face mask requirement, a recommendation of six feet apart which is reiterated throughout the location with signage and plexiglas barriers between staff and visitors.

Click here for more on visiting Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden and tickets.

2. Lazy 5 Ranch

Nothing says unforgettable experience like feeding animals from the window of your car. Nothing says fun social distancing activity like *clears throat* FEEDING ANIMALS FROM THE WINDOW OF YOUR CAR.

I rest my case.

If this sounds remotely interesting to you then Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville is where you should be.

Lazy Ranch

Photo Courtesy of Lazy 5 Ranch’s Facebook Page.

Photo Courtesy of Lazy 5 Ranch's Facebook Page.

Click here for more on visiting Lazy 5 Ranch and ticket information.

1. Drive-In Movies

Number One, Numero Uno on our list is… DRIVE-IN MOVIES. Everything comes back in style after a while and this classic is no different as it has become an overwhelming popular option for entertainment.

It is social-distant. It is affordable. It is date-worthy. And becoming highly accessible no matter the town.

The list of locations seem to grow every week and some popular big box stores, such as Lowe’s and Walmart, have even taken a stab at this entertainment circuit.

Here is a short list of some of the permanent and pop-up drive-in movie locations in the area:

Honorable Mention Activities

The key word is ‘honorable’ as these options are just as enjoyable and worth exploring in your new social-distanced agenda as the top five are.

  • Take a stroll through sunflower fields but specifically through McLawland Farms in Charlotte; which also offers flower picking. The farm has become very popular as they have booked all flower picking slots through the end of August but will possibly be extending the season through September.

We’re adding nearly 60 flower picking slots to round out the month of August in the morning! We’ll be keeping a close…

Posted by McLawland Farms LLC on Monday, August 10, 2020

You too, can make flower arrangements like these! Click here to keep up with McLawland Farms.

  • Enjoy a food tour and open you palette to the different food and drinks Optimist Hall has to offer. With a self-guided tour you can go from lunch to snack to dinner to drink to dessert all while relaxing and staying socially distant. (OH! and did I forget to mention there is OVER 10 different eateries.) The location is a perfect opportunity to enjoy something different in a peaceful setting and let me not forget to mention there are tons of Instagrammable spots and moments to have while there.

Stay a little longer this weekend! Starting this week the hall will stay open until 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays so you…

Posted by Optimist Hall on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Click here to keep up with Optimist Hall.