Rock Hill Woman Creates Amazing Halloween Costumes To Help Her Sister “Feel Like The Other Kids”

ROCK HILL, S.C. — After her sister suffered a traumatic brain injury sustained in a car crash in 2013, Brittany Craig says she began a tradition of creating epic Halloween costumes around her sister Brooke’s wheelchair.

Brittany says “I got the idea because I wanted to do something that made her feel like the other kids, and would take her mind off of her wheelchair, so I figured Halloween was the perfect opportunity.”

Brittany says she started the tradition by Googling different ideas and putting her own twist to the costumes, and for the last three years her boyfriend has helped these costumes come to life.

“Halloween is a time where you can be anything you want to be, so for Brooke we like to allow her to be ‘free’ from her wheelchair,” says Brittany

Brittany says since beginning the Halloween costume tradition Brooke has gotten a lot of media attention.

“I figured I would get some attention, just because Brooke is a well known person in Rock Hill. She has an infectious smile and the best personality, so people are already drawn to her. I didn’t realize they would blow up like they have, but I love the fact her face is the center of it, and everyone gets to see her and her beautiful smile in every picture,” says Brittany.

Brittany says she begins planning the next costume in the middle of the year, and starts to buy accessories and pieces as early as August.

Brittany and her dad turn their garage into a workshop, and when October comes, the two work nonstop to create amazing Halloween costumes for Brooke in their time off.

Brittany says she works nights while her dad works during the day, so they can switch off who looks after Brooke.

Every year the duo helps dress Brooke up so she can sit on their porch and hand out candy. This year they still hope to have a few trick-or-treaters dispute the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the very beginning Brittany says they entered Brooke into the city of Rock Hill Therapeutic Program’s costume party, which has been canceled this year, and replaced by bingo and a costume contest.

Even before Brooke’s car accident, Brittany says her and her sister have been inseparable since their mom passed away in 2002.

Brittany says since the accident her family’s lives have changed drastically, since they have to base their plans around Brooke and her mobility.

Brooke has come a long way since 2013, but is still trying to relearn how to walk, according to Brittany.

Brittany says her family tries to make Halloween as special as possible.

“Needless to say we look forward to Halloween every year, because since we went out on the first Halloween, it seems we have to up our costumes every year to beat the year before! Seeing Brooke’s smile and excitement for the final product makes all the hard work worth it,” says Brittany.