A Lancaster Woman Fighting For Her Life In The ICU After Contracting Covid Just A Few Days After Giving Birth

LANCASTER, SC. — After three children together, it was the first time in Jamal Chubb’s marriage he left the hospital without his wife, Cierra.

“Miles was all better and ready to come home, but Cierra had to stay in the hospital because she wasn’t better,” Chubb says.

Chubb says July 12th, their daughter came home from victory sports camp with a headache, cough, stomach ache, and fever. Their son developed the same symptoms, but they went away the next day. Then Chubb’s 9-month pregnant wife started having the same symptoms.

“We took her to the hospital; they looked at her lungs said it was a problem, and they took her from the hospital in Lancaster to Prisma Health in Columbia, South Carolina.”

Cierra gave birth to her son, Miles, via C-section. Two days later, her husband rushed her to the ICU.

“Well, they put her on a ventilator in four hours later give me a call, and they were questioning whether or not she would make it through the night.”

Friends started a GoFundMe for the family to cover hospital bills. At last check, nearly $60,000 was raised in three days. Chubb says Cierra is not vaccinated but had every intention of getting vaccinated after their son was born. He clarifies they are not anti-vaxxers but were being cautious.

“Cierra cares way more about our children than she does herself, and I was vaccinated; I was the only one in the house who didn’t get sick. But Cierra didn’t know if there would be crazy side effects that would harm our son, Miles.”

Chubb says the sports camp where he says his daughter got sick sent an email that multiple employees had tested positive for Covid, but it could be false-positive tests. The email went onto say some of their facilities have have environmental issues that would cause staff to have similar symptoms of Covid. WCCB reached out to the camp and has not gotten a response.