Reynolds Brothers Enjoying Time As Charlotte 49ers Teammates

CHARLOTTE – N.C. – Charlotte 49ers quarterback Chris Reynolds is back for his sixth season with the Niners. One of the big reasons he stuck around is to stay on the team with his younger brother, Jack Reynolds.

“Sometimes you lose what really matters in life because this is what you do every single day, but when you get to go in the locker room and then just be with your family immediately and just shut down for a second, it takes you back and kind of resets you a little bit, Chris Reynolds said. “That’s the best part about it, and I think the coolest thing is I get to watch him grow, not only as a player but as a person.”

This is Chris Reynolds second season with his brother on the team. Their five-year age gap meant they never got to play on the same high school team. Jack Reynolds has already taken a lot from their first season together.

“He’s a pro, so I’ve learned a lot just about how he does things every day whether it’s taken care of your body, cause that’s very important at this level of football,” Jack Reynolds said. “I’m picturing different things on the field, where players are, where to take my route. He’s just taught me, and that overall has let me become more confident.”

Jack is a wide receiver, making him the perfect person for Chris to practice with.

“So this is it right before camp. We get about four days off, and I said Jack, let’s go throw,” Chris Reynolds said. ” Every time Jack’s always my go-to because he’s my brother, I can tell him to suck it up, let’s go throw or whatever if he’s not feeling like it. So we’re back home at our high school, and I made Jack run the same route seven times because I didn’t hit him right on the nose, and finally, I threw the ball, and he said, dude, are you kidding me? Throw the ball. So I mean, you still have that brother dynamic whenever you’re doing football stuff.”

Chris hasn’t gotten the chance to throw Jack a ball during a regular season game yet, but both are hopeful he’ll get the chance this season.

“If the opportunity presents itself, all I know is I better catch the dang football because there may not be many times that can happen, and not many times in the history of football people get to say, you know, I caught a pass from my brother in a division one football game,” Jack Reynolds said.

“My mom might cry, but my dad is always like how was practice guys, how was practice. I’ll tell him, for example, we were in a huddle today together, and he goes, that is so cool,” Chis Reynolds said. “My brother, older brother, older sister, little sister, they all love it. They’re eating it up just as much as we are, and they’re excited to see us play.”

The Charlotte 49ers will open up their season at FAU August 27th.