WCCB-TV College Student Internships

WCCB-TV offers non-paid internships for students who are currently enrolled in an accredited college/university and need the internship for college credit. Internships are available in our News Department and Digital Media Department (WCCB-TV’s website). WCCB-TV does not provide living arrangements or any type of living expenses or transportation. Interns are not employees of WCCB-TV so therefore will not get benefits afforded WCCB-TV personnel.


To apply for an internship with WCCB-TV students must currently be enrolled in a college or university working to receive a graduate or undergraduate degree in Mass Communications/TV with plans to pursue a career in on-air television broadcasting or a related field. Student should have a grade point average of at least a “B.”

All of our internship slots are filled based on the student’s need for an internship, resume and application information, timeliness of return of application and personal interview.

WCCB-TV does not discriminate against applicants because of age, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or disability. WCCB-TV is an equal opportunity employer.

Students must submit the following to WCCB-TV

Letter of introduction
A completed resume
WCCB-TV Intern Application Form
Signed Intern Release and Guidelines Agreement Form
A letter from the college/university stating that you will be receiving credit for the internship

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: No later than July 1st
Winter/Spring Semester: No later than November 1st
Summer Semester: No later than March 1st

Application Review/Interview

Upon receiving all of the completed paperwork your application will be reviewed. At that time if we find that you would be a good intern candidate, we will contact you via e-mail and set up a time that is convenient for you to come in to interview. The interview will be a one-on-one session and will include a brief tour of the station. The interview will not guarantee an internship. ONLY STUDENTS UNDER FINAL CONSIDERATION WILL BE CONTACTED DIRECTLY FOR INTERVIEWS.


With a limited number of intern slots available, applicants are not guaranteed an internship.

An internship with WCCB-TV does not guarantee employment; however a student may apply for opened positions once internships have been completed.


The prospective intern will read and agree to the Internship Guidelines as set forth by WCCB-TV. Internship Guidelines will be covered at the intern’s interview.

Internship Schedule

Upon acceptance of an internship by the student, a schedule will be prepared that will cover the duration of the internship and will be approved by the intern. Once the schedule is set, the intern will adhere to the schedule as set forth in the Internship Guidelines.

Internship Evaluation

All interns will receive internship evaluations per their school guidelines by their immediate WCCB-TV supervisor with input from the WCCB employees the student trained with. These evaluations will be copied and placed in the intern’s file at WCCB-TV.




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