Add car detailing to your spring cleaning to-dos this year

car detailingWe know it can seem like your spring cleaning list is endless sometimes, but there really is one more thing you should add to it – car detailing. Keeping your car detailed and clean isn’t just an appearance thing; it can actually protect your car, extend its life, and keep the resale value high. That’s why after a long, cold winter, you should take steps to get it like-new again. Here are our top five Charlotte car detailing tips!

Use our car detailing tips to get your ride ready for a new season

Tip #1: Empty it out. You’ve probably got a ton of stuff in there from winter that you won’t need anymore, like blankets, tools for snow and ice, jackets, and other junk that you’ve been MEANING to remove. Do it now, and don’t forget the trunk! It makes your car look neater and also gives you the ability to clean more thoroughly.

Tip #2: Start inside and work your way out. You’ll want to shampoo your upholstery and carpet (don’t forget the floor mats), vacuum, and dust the interior of your car. Our Charlotte auto service techs also remind you to clean the interior of the windows as well. Just be sure to use the right car detailing tools so you don’t damage your tint.

Tip #3: Protect the exterior. Wash off all the winter grime – including underneath the car – because salt from the roads can eat away at paint as well as the underside of your ride. After your car is sparkling clean again (don’t forget to scrub the wheels!), apply a coat of wax. Our Charlotte Toyota service techs recommend this step because it will protect your paint as the sun gets stronger. You might also get your windows tinted to protect the interior of your car, or at least invest in an affordable sunshade to throw up in the windshield and protect your upholstery and dash.

Tip #4: Get organized. Clean out your glovebox and center console so you can easily find what you need, and visit our Charlotte Toyota Parts store to look into accessories like a cargo net or tote for the back of your ride. It’ll help you stay cleaner as the season progresses because everything will have its place. Investing in floor mats can also help you keep the carpet clean as spring rains make for muddy conditions.

Extend your spring cleaning under the hood of your car with Charlotte auto service

Tip #5: Schedule service. Car detailing extends under the hood, too! You should be on a routine Charlotte car maintenance schedule at this point, but if you’re not, get on one. You should have your tires, brakes, wipers, and fluids – especially oil – examined and replenished or replaced at this point to ensure your car is in good shape for the upcoming season and warmer temperatures.

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