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Western Wildfire Smoke Causes East Coast Haze, Vivid Sunsets

The smoke from dozens of wildfires in the western United States is stretching clear across the country — and even pushing into Mexico, Canada and Europe. While the dangerous plumes are forcing people inside along the West Coast, residents thousands of miles away in the East are seeing unusually hazy skies and remarkable sunsets.

Typhoon Lashes South Korea After Battering Japanese Islands

A powerful typhoon damaged buildings, flooded roads and knocked out power to thousands of homes in South Korea on Monday after battering islands in southern Japan, killing one person and injuring dozens of others, before weakening as it passed North Korea.

Mary C. Curtis: Russia Bounty Allegations

CHARLOTTE, NC -- What did the president know? That's the question lawmakers want answered-- after reports that U.S. intelligence found out Russians offered a bounty if Taliban terrorists killed U.S.…

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