Sunny Skies Here for Long Haul

After long last, the sun is shining and will stick around for much of the week ahead. A few isolated storms are still possible this evening, but a cold front will flush out all of the moisture we’ve seen for the better part of May. Expect noticeably cooler temperatures for your Sunday and Monday in the 60s and 70s, but we’ll be cranking up the heat in a hurry. Our second 90º day of the year could come as soon as Wednesday as winds shift back to the south and humidity increases.

Sunday: Sparkling sunshine. High: 78°. Wind: NE 10-15.

Sunday Night: Clear and cool. Low: 56°. Wind: NE 5-10.

Monday: Abundant sunshine. High: 76°. Wind: NE 5-10.

WCCB Weather Team

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