Fitness Friday with Team MLP

Jay Johnson with Team MLP is joining the Rising crew today to work on split stance moves to prioritize that weaker side of your body!

What The Tech?: Netflix Password Sharing

A few years after telling subscribers it had no problem with them sharing passwords, Netflix will soon attempt to ban someone from watching their favorite movie or TV show on the platform unless they live in the same household as the person paying the bill.

Bahakel Entertainment Special: The Drive For Daytona

BAHAKEL SPORTS presents The Drive for Daytona, broadcasting and streaming on Bahakel Communications stations across the southeast. In the driver’s seat for this exciting high-speed show is Bahakel Sports host Jeff Taylor and legendary NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace.

Phil’s Groundhog Day Prediction: 6 More Weeks Of Winter

A furry critter in a western Pennsylvania town has predicted six more weeks of winter during an annual Groundhog Day celebration. People gathered Thursday at Gobbler's Knob as members of Punxsutawney Phil's "inner circle" summoned him from his tree stump at dawn to learn if he has seen his shadow — and they say he did.

Will Charlotte See Snow This Winter?

It’s been tough sledding for snow-lovers across the Piedmont this season. So, should we be concerned that we haven’t had any traceable snow so far this winter in the Queen City?

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