One-On-One With Paula Broadwell

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.–Paula Broadwell is a Reserve Military Intelligence Officer and Academic with Counterterrorism experience. She has studied and traveled in the Middle East. Broadwell doesn’t think the U.S. should attack Syria, “I do feel that the U.S. does not need to be the world’s policeman and I think most of us agree on that but we should look around and listen to our allies,” she said.

Allies like the French government that says its ready to help. While the British Parliament voted against supporting U.S. strikes in Syria. “Without a strong international coalition we are at risk for another Iraq or Afghanistan, endless sort of war,” Broadwell said.

Recent polls show the majority of Americans do not favor intervention. New reports say the CIA has begun delivering weapons to rebels. “Will the aid go the right places and the right people? 
If they get their hands on the chemical weapons it could mean huge problems for the region.”

All this as Secretary of State John Kerry is working with Russia to try to urge Syria to hand over its chemical weapons. “There are great safety concerns obviously for them,” said Broadwell.

Difficult diplomacy as Russian President Vladimir Putin says U.S. intervention could mean more terror. “I think he’s doing an lot of posturing. We’ve seen this before with Russia,”
said Broadwell, “I don’t know how it will all end. I don’t think anyone does. There’s no real positive 
outcome here.”

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