Suspect Arrested for Human Trafficking and Facilitating Minor’s Prostitution

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Detectives have arrested a man for his involvement in human trafficking and facilitating a minor’s prostitution. 

Officials say Tony Drum met a female victim under the age of 18 through an online chat-room. In late August of this year the suspect drove to South Carolina and picked up the victim and transported her back to Charlotte. Upon arriving in Charlotte, the suspect then forced the victim into prostitution. 

An alert officer with the Freedom Division made contact with the victim while she was walking alone and discovered that she was listed as a missing person. The evidence and information gathered led detectives to sign warrants on the suspect for attempted human trafficking, facilitating a minor’s prostitution, and supervise, support, protect a minor’s prostitution.

Early this morning, the suspect was located and arrested on Wilkinson Boulevard. A second female victim was found inside of the suspect’s vehicle.

Tony Drum was transported to police headquarters where he was interviewed and admitted meeting both victims online and transporting them to Charlotte for the purpose of prostitution. He was charged and is currently in custody.