Third Arrest Made in Concord Teen’s Death

CONCORD, N.C. — Police have released the name of the third suspect accused of killing a 15-year-old Concord student. 

On Sunday, October 13, officers were called to Carolinas Medical Center after a gunshot victim had been brought to the hospital. The victim, 15-year-old Mark Bostic, later died due to his injuries. 

Bostic was a 10th grade sophomore at J.M. Robinson High School. 

Police say two vehicles were involved in the shooting on Sunday, and gunshots were fired from one vehicle into the vehicle occupied by Bostic. It is believed that the occupants of each vehicle were involved in some sort of disagreement. 

On Thursday, officers arrested Marlon Banner and Corey Banner for their involvement in the case. 

Christopher Whitfield, of Kannapolis, has now been arrested in the shooting death of Bostic. All three men are charged with first degree murder and discharging a weapon into a moving vehicle.