Audio Recordings Released in Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On September 14th, the woman who lives in an east Charlotte home off Reedy Creek Road called 911 because she says a man, who we now know was Jonathan Ferrell, was trying to break into her front door. In audio recordings released by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, a dispatcher can be heard telling officers, “Please be advised they’re saying he’s kicking through the door. Be advised there is a child in the house.”

Ferrell had apparently just been in a car accident. The woman in the house says he never asked for help. Officers arrived and Ferrell was shot 10 times and killed.

Attorneys for Ferrell’s family say he did nothing wrong and call the shooting “criminal”. Attorneys for Officer Randall “Wes” Kerrick say Ferrell advanced on police. In the radio traffic recording from that night, officers have just made dispatchers aware that shots have been fired.

Dispatcher: “Is it gonna be the suspect that was hit?”
Officer: “10-4, suspect was hit, suspect is down at this time.”
Dispatcher: “That’s 10-4.”
Officer: “Also, (inaudible) officer was struck by the suspect.”
Dispatcher: “10-9, that last?”
Officer: “Officer was hit by the (inaudible).”
Dispatcher: “Be advised an officer was hit?”
Officer: “10-4, suspect was coming at the officer.”

Unknown: “Did they advise that an officer was hit?”
Officer: “That’s 10-4, he was hit in the lip.”
Unknown: “(inaudible) Physically hit, not shot.”

Kerrick is charged with voluntary manslaughter. He is on unpaid leave. His attorney tells WCCB the recordings show all of the officers’ mindsets that night: that they were responding to a “home invasion”. We’ve not yet heard back from Ferrell’s family’s attorney.