Cornelius Small Business Lobbying State Leaders For New Executive Order

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.–Over the last three years, the North Carolina Education Lottery made more than a billion dollars in contributions to education statewide with the money you spend to play the games. Out of state businesses also hit the jackpot in that same time period. The lottery paid them nearly 35 million dollars more than North Carolina businesses for various contracts.

The NCEL says that includes out of state companies that provided services like a central operating system and scratch off ticket printing services not available in North Carolina. 

“A great majority of the lottery’s contracts for goods and services actually were provided by the North Carolina companies, even as it followed competitive bidding rules and procedures to get the best prices for the state,” said Van Denton, Director of Communications, N.C. Education Lottery.

Matt Rowell says Impact Plus in Cornelius has lost bids from the lottery to lower bidders out of state.
They are now lobbying state lawmakers for a new executive order that would exclude out of state businesses from most state contracts.

“If it’s available to be spent in state, I would like for them to see that done first,” said Rowell.

It’s a move supported by Nature Graphics of Mooresville. It provided informational signs to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. “This is not only about the lottery. No pun intended, but we’re just scratching the surface, I think” said Rowell.

WCCB is now trying to figure out how often other state agencies and departments select out of state bidders. Our public records request could be complete as early as tomorrow.