Gun Rights Group Targeting Businesses In The Charlotte Area

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CORNELIUS, N.C.–A “No Weapons” sign has been outside Sok-Hun Moon’s Cornelius restaurant “Sushi at the Lake” for years. But recently, Moon’s restaurant and 13 other businesses in the Charlotte area have come under fire from Grass Roots North Carolina. The gun rights group calls the businesses “high risk”, because they say they attract criminals by prohibiting weapons.

“Concealed handgun permit holders want to be able to protect their families. They do not want to arrive at a restaurant when they go out in the evening and discover that suddenly they can’t do what they intended to do,” said Paul Valone, President of Grass Roots North Carolina.

Since October first, North Carolina concealed weapon permit holders have been able to bring their handguns into bars and restaurants where alcohol is served, if they don’t drink, or the business doesn’t have a sign that prohibits weapons. Grass Roots North Carolina says the list is a guide for permit holders, not a boycott. “A restaurant can post if they want to. It’s their right. We have no argument with that. However, it is also a concealed handgun permit holder’s right to take their business to restaurants which do not post against firearms,” said Valone.

After the complaints, Sushi at the Lake changes its policy and now allows concealed weapons.
“This restaurant is open to anybody. Everybody welcome to come in. I think this is the way to go,” said Moon.

Grass Roots North Carolina says it also recognizes businesses that agree to take down their signs.
They include their names in a special “Welcome Back” section of their database.