U.S. House Passes National Version Of Kilah’s Law

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WASHINGTON, DC – The country will soon follow North Carolina’s lead in strengthening child abuse penalties. The US house passed a national version of Kilah’s Law Monday night.  It’s called the Kilah Davenport Child Protection Act of 2013, named after a little girl from Monroe. In North Carolina, convicted child abusers could spend 25 years to life behind bars. The federal bill calls on the Attorney General to issue a report in six months that details, state by state, penalties for child abuse. Representative Robert Pittenger introduced the bill.  

“The sweet little girl, at the age of three years old was taken by her care giver and bashed her head against a the wall. As a result, Kilah has suffered irreparable damage,” Pittenger said.

The senate is considering a similar bill. Once it’s approved it will go to the White House for President Obama’s signature.