Burst Pipes Create Lots of Business for Plumbers

This video is no longer available.

CORNELIUS, N.C. – All Star Plumbing owner Robert Zarybnicky was swamped Tuesday. “I’m averaging probably about five calls a minute right now,” he says. He’s been getting calls nonstop from home and business owners dealing with frozen pipe problems. Zarybnicky says, “It’s been chaotic.”

Chaotic is definitely a good word to describe how pipes impacted one shopping center in Cornelius. In one building, a burst pipe in a business created problems for it and caused the hair salon next door to shut down for the day. “All here was pretty much flooded,” says Nicole Glenn as she walks around her J.L. Cole Salon.

Glenn first noticed water on the floor and wall near the shampoo bowl area. She says, “It’s a little nerve wracking, because it’s the beginning of the year, and we have to reschedule clients. It’s not always convenient to the client to close down business.”

At a dry cleaning business in the same shopping center, another copper water pipe burst. Zarybnicky held the piece of culprit copper in his hand, explaining, “The water freezes, expands the copper and splits it.”

Water poured through the ceiling, soaking insulation and turning the carpet into a sponge. Restoration pros were called in to do their thing. They tell us they’ve been busy since this weekend. “We’re tired. For us, it started on Sunday. We got our first call on Sunday,” says David Naylor of 123 Floor.

Water at the shopping center was shut off, forcing other businesses to close for the day, too. With temps expected to be near 12 degrees Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, the plumber recommends leaving a tap running to keep this from happening at your home. He says, “As long as you have motion in the pipe, it will not freeze up.”

As of Tuesday night, there’s no word on whether water service has been restored to the shopping center.