The Snark Report with Derek James: Update on Kim’s Pics, Trebek Raps and Charlie’s Still Winning

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Who could possibly be snarkier than Derek?  One name comes to mind and he’s still winning.

Taking a closer look at those BFF pics with China Black that Kim posted on Instagram…this just in…a photoshop expert says they were doctored.  Oh no, it can’t be!

Alex Trebek..alive and well and brings out his inner rapper.

Charlie Sheen…still winning (what he’s winning we aren’t quite sure)…takes to Twitter to snark against his old show. 

Season 18 of “The Bachelor” just recently kicked off and already has one contestant crying foul…what took her so long?  Looks like you might have walked into that one, missy.

And it’s “puck-tastic” parenting hockey style…good catch, Dad.

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