Snow, Ice Result In Dozens Of Accidents

 CHARLOTTE, NC – Road crews stayed busy cleaning up dozens of wrecks in the Charlotte area after Tuesday’s snow.

On Wednesday morning, NCDOT and CDOT crews will be on stand-by waiting to see how the icy roads fare in sub-freezing temperatures.

Officials are expecting the worst road conditions with the threat of black ice Wednesday morning. Tuesday’s average temperatures are expected to stay in the low thirties.

Once the snow started in Mecklenburg things got messy. Charlotte Medic responded to 83 wrecks in a six-hour period. Drivers trying to get home before the worst of the storm had their own traffic headaches. 
“Everybody’s trying to speed like it’s dry outside!” said Steven Phillips, a Northwest Charlotte resident.

Dozens of accidents caused backups for miles. A traffic jam on Mount-Holly Huntersville Road stalled commuters for nearly an hour.

West Charlotte resident Sarita Houston says she was stuck for 40 minutes due to the accident.  “There’s no other way to get to my house but this way!”

Some drivers braved the snow to warn other drivers! One woman was walking down the median telling people to avoid a multi-car pile up involving a bus. 
CDOT trucks were out in force Tuesday bringing major roadways, but side streets may be completely untreated.