Race Underway For Supplies Ahead Of Storm’s Arrival

This video is no longer available.
CHARLOTTE, N.C.–As they stocked the shelves in this South Charlotte Food Lion, Dottie Stowe made her third stop of the day. “Orange juice. Breakfast food. Grits and oatmeal. Sandwich meat. Peanut butter and jelly,” said the South Charlotte resident.
Elizabeth Hoozer is ready, “My brother’s in Philadelphia, and he’s made me really paranoid, so I’ve gotten extra stuff that I probably don’t need,” she said.
Tuesday’s snowy weather was a warm-up for what’s next. And while some Myers Park High School students are planning a Batman movie marathon for their snow day, they worry it will ruin their Spring Break, “I don’t want them to take away from my Spring Break! I know. I might not tell them,” said Diana Capellan.
But first, a reminder not to let the stress of the storm get to you: “People don’t know how to drive. They don’t take their time. It’s always rush, rush, rush here or there. And everything just closes down,” said South End Resident Eleanor Drayton.