City Leaders Hoping to Keep CIAA in Charlotte

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CHARLOTTE, NC – The CIAA Tournament starts this week and it will be a party all weekend – but that’s the issue some people have.

The city’s contract to host the CIAA ends after this year. 

City leaders say they’ll pull out all the stops to win a re-bid.
The tournament has added about $47 Million dollars to the local economy.
But tournament leaders say they’re concerned with rising hotel prices and that people are more interested in the parties than the games.  One CIAA fan says she agrees with that.
“That’s definitely true,” says Uptown Chalrotte Resident Kat Freeman. “People do come here just for the celebrities. So, that’s all I’ve been hearing around campus is who’s coming this weekend, and all this and that… at the end of the weekend you don’t even know who won the tournaments.”