CLT Mayor Marks 100 Days in Office

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – “I’ve seen on some social media where some have said, you know, they don’t know of another mayor that has done as much as I have done in my first 100 days,” says Mayor Patrick Cannon.  He is proud of what’s he’s accomplished so far.  Cannon takes partial credit for adding 1,394 new jobs in his first 100 days.  That does trail Anthony Foxx’s claim of adding 3,000 jobs by his 100th day as mayor in 2010. 

Cannon held the first-ever mayor’s job fair last month. More than two thousand job seekers showed up.  To date, 51 have found new jobs.  It’s not unusual for a politician to promise job creation during their campaign.  “It’s another thing for that person to get elected and then actually really do something away from signing off on a business investment grant,” says Cannon. 
Jobs are a big part of the discussion surrounding Chiquita’s announcement that it’s merging and moving it’s headquarters to Dublin.  In 2011, local and state government promised Chiquita more than $21 million in incentives to bring the company to Charlotte.
Cannon says he’ll have conversations with Chiquita and work something out to “calm” concerns. He says, “Right now, what’s really important to me is maintaining the jobs. If you asked me what’s more important between headquarters and maintaining jobs, I would want them both. But jobs are more important. I do feel like we may still be okay relating to headquarters, but we’ll see what happens from here.” 
When asked what letter grade Mayor Cannon would give himself after his first 100 days, he punted. “I think what’d I’d like to see happen is for the people to be able to grade me based upon all things I’ve been able to achieve in my first 100 days.  And either say ‘eh, that’s nothing.’ Or say ‘you know what, Mayor Cannon has really been working, he hasn’t been twiddling his thumbs.'”
Cannon also points to progress on different transportation projects and applying for a multi-million dollar federal grant to combat homelessness as other early accomplishments.  He says he’ll keep working on recruiting more jobs, and getting the airport issue resolved.