South Charlotte Murder Mystery Under Investigation After Homemade Explosives Discovered

This video is no longer available.
CHARLOTTE, N.C.–Crime Scene Technicians bagged up blankets and sheets they found in a trash can outside a home at the intersection of Sharon Amity Road and Lyttleton Drive in South Charlotte. Police say a friend found 65-year-old Alva Brewer dead inside on Monday afternoon.
Longtime neighbors say they called him “Al.” “Shocking… it’s the cliche… he seemed like such a nice guy,” said South Charlotte residdent Debby Howell.
After a routine search, detectives found several homemade explosive devices. Neighbors were evacuated as a precaution, including Brewer’s family friend Debby Howell. “Never in a million years would I have suspected that he had anything like that going on in his house,” Howell said.
On Tuesday, the bomb squad took care of the homemade explosives. “I’m glad they’re getting rid of it, because we’re right here on Sharon Amity, and I’m just afraid something could happen here if all those explosives went off,” said one neighbor.
It was part of the second day of a police presence that rattled neighbor’s nerves. “We’ve been wondering why in the world the police were staying so long,” said Jon Howell.
Neighbors say Brewer worked odd jobs, including cleaning houses. He didn’t drive and lived alone in the home where his wife grew up. “I’m shocked… I can’t imagine… he always seemed to be clear in the head,” said Jon Howell.
The Medical Examiner is now conducting an autopsy.