Inside CMS Police Command Center As District Implements Added Security

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, NC – “It is so important to our community to provide safe schools,” says CMS Police Chief Randy Hagler.

Inside the CMS Police Command Center–dispatchers have access to video from inside all of the district’s high schools. Soon these monitors will also include cameras currently being installed in elementary and middle schools. That’s expected to be done by August.

“If a school calls us that there’s an issue, we can get a real time look right into the school, to see what’s going on live,” Hagler says.
It’s been a year of increased security for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. The district is in the final stages of implementing a $19 million initiative. The plan also includes electronic door access that requires visitors to buzz in. And for the first time, students have to wear ID badges.
“Helps create that environment where kids can come to school and feel safe. And feel like they can learn,” Hagler says.
When visitors sign in to computer systems at schools, dispatchers here are also watching. If a name is flagged, that person won’t be admitted until they’re cleared.
“I know every parent, before they hear what their child learned in math or science or social studies, wanna hear, ‘were you safe at school today?'” says Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison.
Morrison says that’s why security remains a priority–to make sure students continue to have a safe learning environment.