Family Wants Answers After Deadly Concord Shooting

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CONCORD, NC – “I’m hurtin’. I just need some comfort; real comfort,” says Mary Dunn. The grandmother is begging for someone to come forward. She wants to know who killed her 30-year-old grandson Arnold Bennett.

Concord Police responded just after midnight Monday to a house on Central Drive NW. They say Bennett was found shot. He later died at the hospital.
“He came to see me yesterday. And talked to me. He said ‘Grandma, I love you, and I’ll see you.’ I didn’t have (any) idea that was the last time I would see him,” she says.
Dunn admits, the grandson she raised did have problems in the past. He’s been arrested for crimes such as breaking and entering and assault on a female. Bennett’s Uncle William Dunn says the family’s still trying to understand it. “I don’t know what happened. Things just got out of hand. People just don’t realize that we lost someone special in our lives,” he says.
Dunn says Arnold stopped by the family house regularly. “We’re gonna miss all that. It’s going to be difficult for us to not to hear that knock any more at the back door,” he says.
For now, Bennett’s grandmother just wants to know why. “If ya’ll know anything, please, please tell whoever done it, to please turn (themself) in. To give us some comfort and relief. Please do that for us,” she says.