The Snark Report with Derek James: True Tori, Bratty Smith Kids and Ellen’s Christmas Card

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. –   Derek donned his first holiday sweater – which is probably just one of many tacky sweaters to come – for today’s Snark Report.  

Overacting is the word for “True Tori,”  the Smith kids show their bratty side and Ellen’s Christmas card just may be a rip-off.

It’s an all new night of high drama and bad acting on tonight’s True Tori thanks to Tori’s mom-induced migraine.

Will Smith’s cute little brats gave their first joint interview…nice to see that they have such high regard for the American school system. 

Ellen DeGeneres is getting ready for the holidays with her new Christmas card.  Seems that DJ thinks Ellen stole his Kartrashian idea.

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