Toyota of N Charlotte shares tips for driving in a school zone

If you’re a parent, you probably work overtime to make sure that your children are always safe. This probably is also applied when you’re driving in a new Toyota in N Charlotte! Think about when you’re children are in a school zone… you want them to be safe there too, right? Your child’s safety is dependent on other drivers and how you navigate a school zone in your N Charlotte Toyota. 
School zones can be one of the most dangerous areas for your child, which is why it’s important your practice safe and defensive driving in school zones. How should you drive in these zones? Our Toyota dealership is sharing tips on how to drive safely!

Keep kids safe in a school zone when driving your N Charlotte Toyota

The last thing you want to do is harm children when you’re behind the wheel of your new Toyota, so you want to be cautious at all times. Using precaution when driving your vehicle can help you keep all the kiddos safe while driving your new Toyota near Charlotte. How can you be a safe driver?

  • Don’t be distracted: Distracted driving can be seriously dangerous harm to everyone if you don’t practice safe driving. Being an alert driver is what will help you and the children safe. If you’re not alert, you can run into a lot of problems. Children can run in the middle of the road and if you’re not paying attention, you can hurt a child. Just keep your eyes on the road and practice safe driving.
  • Respect school buses: School buses are a big part of school zones, so you’re bound to run into one while driving through this zone. You must make sure to give a school bus ample space to operate properly! They emit warning lights to let you know what your N Charlotte Toyota’s next move should be. Yellow lights indicate that the bus is getting ready to pick up or drop off children. Red lights, on the other hand, mean that the stop is getting ready to come to a complete stop.

Practice safe driving in school zones while driving your N Charlotte Toyota

In addition to being alert and respecting school buses, you can do other things to keep children safe in these zones. What are some things you should NOT do when traveling in these zones in your N Charlotte Toyota? 

  • Don’t speed – these zones have a speed limit for a reason! If you choose to speed in this area, you can hurt a child. You can also be ticketed and fined and it will for a steep price.
  • Don’t ignore stop signs – When traveling in a school zone, you must make sure that you’re making complete stops! Stop signs must be obeyed if they’re either stationary or if they’re held by cross guards.
  • Don’t go around a school bus – Did you know that it’s illegal in all 50 states to pass school buses in all undivided roadways when the bus is stopped or unloading kids? When a school bus is stopped, you have to stay stationary until the bus starts moving!

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