Islamic State atrocities are compared to Nazi genocide

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Lindsey Graham is comparing the Islamic State group’s slaughter of Christians and other religious minorities to the Nazi extermination of Jews.

At a congressional hearing on religious persecution, the South Carolina Republican cited the Islamists’ forced conversions, public beheadings and crucifixions.

Graham said, “As the Nazis pursued a master race, these radical Islamic groups are pursuing a master religion.”

Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, agreed that while Islamic State militants may currently lack the ability to conduct a full-scale Holocaust, “they are certainly marking people because of what they believe in for extermination.”

He said Islamic militants are currently waging a “religious genocide” against Christians who have lived in the Middle East for 2,000 years.

Graham said the U.S. must confront and defeat what he called a barbaric evil.

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