Experts to report on search for bones of Spain’s Cervantes

MADRID (AP) — Experts are giving details about their latest steps in the search for the remains of Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes in a Madrid convent where the author of “Don Quixote” was buried in 1616.

The search in the Barefoot Trinitarians in Madrid’s historic Barrio de Las Letras, or Literary Quarter, began last year and recently excavation work has concentrated on the convent*s crypt.

In January, archeologists said that they found fragments of a casket bearing the initials “M.C.” and bones, but did not confirm if it belonged to Cervantes.

At a news conference Tuesday, experts are expected to give details of bone examinations and say if Cervantes’ bones may be among them.

Details have not been released on what precisely authorities plan to do with the remains if found.