Mary J. Blige shines at unofficial SXSW show

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Mary J. Blige performed for a feverish crowd at the Samsung Supper Club in an event not sponsored by South by Southwest, another sign of unofficial concerts rivaling the festival when it comes to pulling big-name acts.

Blige is no dancer, but the performer moved energetically at the Tuesday night show in Austin, even imitating Michael Jackson’s dance moves during her funky hit, “Just Fine.”

She kicked off her set with “Enough Cryin'” — which features her rapping as her alter ego Brook-Lynn — and she continued with the up-tempo anthem, “The One.”

She moved like a pro, though there was water dripping from the covered ceiling on the venue’s rooftop. She managed to maneuver in heels and an ab-revealing crop top.

Blige closed with her pop hit, “Family Affair.”