Peerless Pierre: South Dakota city new Monopoly ‘Boardwalk’

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — The tiny South Dakota capital of Pierre (peer) will hold the top spot on U.S. cities version of Monopoly that Hasbro Inc. is putting out this fall.

Pierre and 20 other cities will replace the names of original 1935 game, in which the properties were named after streets in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Hasbro left it to online voters to choose which cities would appear in its two new versions, including one featuring world cities. More than 4 million votes were cast, and Pierre, the second-smallest state capital, came out first.

Pierre and Minneapolis — the new Park Place — will pair to bankrupt players unlucky to spend a night at their swanky hotels. Those looking for cheaper digs can look to New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.