The Snark Report with Derek James: It’s a Full House on the Snark with New Faces and Bad Memories

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -It’s a big head for Wilson thanks to an unauthorized TV biography, Barbie gets a fashion makeover, but our memories don’t.

Lifetime TV is getting ready to put out an unauthorized biography of the 90s hit “Full House.”  Bad casting.  But Rising just may be have their own unauhtorized biography…really interesting casting.  Hey Wilson…when did you get such a big head?

A flight attendant on a United Airlines flight would not allow a lady on the flight to “have a Coke and a smile.”

Technology is moving right along, would be nice if our memory would.

Barbie is now trending on Twitter for getting an update.  OK, when does she start twerking?

Women everywhere are cheering…a new female viagra has been approved.

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